Our Weddings

We want you to have the perfect wedding. We  provide you with all the resources and support you need to MAKE A GREAT MEMORIES PHOTO AND VIDEO, with our values traditions, trends and making your day feel special. Our plus INCLUDED: Aereal Views (drone) (cranes) Digital Gallery for share on the social media. Special available.

You will want to have graphic memories of that time, do not let inexperienced hands of a friend who has an expensive camera but does not have the skill to use it or aunt which makes the video with an Ipad or regular camera.

We are the professionals so let us take care of your memories, MR Studio Florida or Miami Ready Studio can make your wedding look like a movie, our videographers, directors, designers and photographers are certified professionals with over 20 years of experience.

We use cameras that are 4K Film or HDTV, we can broadcast the event live for the rest of your friends and family who can not attend can see it anywhere in the world and comment at that moment, we use Drones and Cranes for areal views. We publish your event with much love to feel the same passion at that moment.

In every album you can comment and tell us which picture was your favorite. Please share our photos using the hashtag #miamireadystudio.

We always accommodate any extra request that you need.

We usually do 3 chapters
1. Bride getting ready
2. Ceremony
3. The reception
and some extra bonuses like bloopers and more.

We want to know more details such as date, place and number of hours to be able to adjust any price we give you.

Our Weddings

(Click here to view the entire event) *Video (Polk County)

(Click here to view the entire event) *Photo & Video (New Jersey)

* In case your budget does not cover for the drone, do not worry we also use a Ronin-s (DJI) it is a crane that works like a drone and the images are cinematographic style, like this wedding

(Click here to view the entire event) *Video (Polk County)

(Click here to view the entire event) *Photo & Video (Miami Dade County)

(Click here to view the entire event) *Photo & Video (Miami Dade County)

Our photographers will be aware of every detail and created in less than 24 hours a small gallery to share on social networks. We print in different formats such as books, posters and canvases.
We work with different event planners, vendors and locations, we have other services such as makeup artists, DJs, MCs, bands, Audio equipment rentals, Lights, LED screens and projectors.
Choose from our different packages depending on your budget.
Call us today for a free estimate. (786) 401 9820 or email: miamireadystudio@gmail.com
here in our website www.miamireadystudio.com to see examples and prices
and remember .. let us care about your memories …

* Our footage and post-production almost always use a Miami style, we cover 80% of everything that happened at the event + an 8-minute highligts with soundtrack with a summary of your event to share on social networks.

*PROFESSIONAL LIVESTREAM depends on the quality of the venue’s Wi-Fi

I hope you choose us for sending the contract