Havana Frozen in Time

My name is Waldo Arias, I am a Cuban-American Photographer. I was born in Havana, Cuba. It’s a beautiful island full of rich history and culture but It’s a old city, many countries have changed over the ages, but Cuba has stopped in time. People still drive with old cars from the 50’s, the same buildings from 100 years ago, Today many people have cell phones but 90% of cubans only have old disc telephones. This exposition is a retelling of 50 years of cuba turning away from the world. These Pictures have been taken from the 90’s all the way to today and you will still have the sensation that you are in the 1950’s. Many of these buildings, cars and people still exist against the corrosion of the Caribbean Sea. Havana and its people still keep moving. Even though almost everything is demolished it still has its magic. Us cubans are inspired with the colors and beauty despite being in a devastated city. My hope is to have a better future but conserving the colonial architecture and the cuban thing…A journey through a city frozen in time.